Cape Stolbchaty Columnar
Columnar is a cape on the west coast of Kunashir Island, which is a picturesque sheer cliffsa picturesque sheer cliff up to 40-50 meters high, formed as a result of the layering of basalt lavas of the Mendeleev volcano with a well-defined columnar separation in the form of five- and hexagonal columns. Due to its uniqueness and picturesqueness, the cape is a popular tourist destination. It is located in the protected area of the Kurilsky State Nature Reserve, but you can visit the cape yourself without special documents and permits. There are natural hot springs on the ecological trail, where you can plunge into mineral waters, take mud baths. Another highlight of the cape is the spawning of salmon, which you can watch for hours, watching how the fish overcomes waterfalls, rapids and streams on the way to the spawning ground.
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