Gorny Vozduh
Mountain Air
"Gorny VozduhMountain Air" is a sports and tourist complex, a ski resort located in the city of Yuzhno—Sakhalinsk on Mount Bolshevik at an altitude of 601 meters above sea level. The s Mountain Air ski resort in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is one of the most popular winter resorts in the country. Its territory reaches 800 hectares, and the total length of the trails is 25 kilometers.

The complex has an abundant rich infrastructure. In addition to trails and lifts, there is a service center, a rental office, luggage storage, parking and other facilities on the territory.

Historical Park "Russia - My History"
Historical parks "Russia - My History" is the largest exhibition complex in Russia.
The new expositions of the Historical Park will allow young people to feel the fate of their Homeland, and the adult generation to touch the historical memory.
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