Aniva Lighthouse
One of the most impressive striking excursions on the island is to the Aniva Lighthouse, located in Aniva Bay at the extreme southern point.
The Aniva Lighthouse was established by the Japanese in 1939 on a small Sivuchya rock Sivuchya, near the inaccessible rocky Ccape Aniva. This area is replete with currents, frequent fogs, underwater rocky banks.

The height of the lighthouse is 31 meters, and the fire is 40 meters above sea level. The tower has 9 floors. Now the lighthouse is inactive.

In the absence of a storm, we disembark at the Aniva Lighthouse with an excursion and a photo session inside, and on the way back we look at the magnificent waterfalls, Cape Tri KamnyaThree Stones, make a rest stop at Cape Belyy Kamen’White Stone.
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