Cape Kray Sveta Edge of the World, Nameless Bay Bezymyannaya
Perhaps the most popular attraction place and the calling card of the island is the
Cape Kray Sveta cape of the Edge of the World, which is a rocky ledge that goes far into the sea and breaks down with 40–meter walls. It offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, being here you realize that the name of this place is fully justified by its atmosphere! Not far from the Cape Kray Sveta cape of the Edge of the world there is an
Bay Bezymyannaya Unnamed bay. According to many eyewitnesses, this bay is the most beautiful natural place of the island because of the scattering of islets located inside the bay. It was in these places that Stanislav Govorukhin in 1972 shot his film "The Life and Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" with Leonid Kuravlev in the maintitle role.
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