Beach Goryachiy
Hot beach

Beach Goryachiy Hot Beach is a small village located on the slope of the Mendeleev volcano. On the coastal areas and in the tidal zone at the foothill of the volcano there are many steam hydrotherms, which are alkaline, sodium chloride springs with a water temperature of 60-100 °C, used for medicinal purposes and for growing vegetables in a greenhouse.

In the Beach Goryachiy Hot Beach hydrotherapy clinic of the same name, located here, there are several healing springs that help a person recover from a wide range of diseases. The waters here are unique, the locals assure of the possibility of healing from complex cases of eczema and psoriasis, recovery from fractures, improvement of the condition of fingers with arthritis. For residents of Yuzhno-Kurilsk, a visit to the baths is a mandatory favorite procedure, and they take it all year round.
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