The Frog Outlier Lyagushka
One of the most mysterious places on Sakhalin is considered to be the Frog Ooutlier Lyagushka, located in the area of the Vestochka residential quarter.

Outliers are isolated rock masses that have survived after the destruction of a higher mountainous country due to the influence of any exogenous factors, primarily weathering and erosion.

With its mystery, this place attracts not only locals, but also guests of the island. Due to its shape, the mountain actually resembles a sitting frog preparing to jump.

In 1983, the Frog Rock Lyagushka was recognized as a state monument of regional significance.

The Ainu revered the LyagushkaFrog as a Temple of wisdom. Nowadays, the unusual properties of the remnant are preserved — it is recommended to come here to resolve issues of choosing a life path. Climbing the path to the Temple of Wisdom, a person seems to relive his life, eventually realizing the true purpose and goals. And modern psychics unanimously assert that the outlier is not just a beautiful rock, but "its essence manifests itself through three levels: heavenly, terrestrial and underground, as well as the life cycle of the frog itself: it is born in water, jumps on the ground and burrows deep into the mud for the winter."
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