Devil and Witch Bridge
Both bridges attract thousands of tourists from all regions of Russia,. as Because they are historical monuments, have mystical names and are among the highest on Sakhalin.

The Devil's Bridge, so-called by Sakhalin residents, is located near the Nikolaychuk station in the Kholmsky district. The unique railway structure was built by the Japanese in the 1920s. The train passed along this road through two tunnels, went almost to the very top of the hill and passed over the constructed Devil's Bridge at an altitude of 38 meters, from where the most beautiful panorama of the island's nature is visible.

The tunnel and bridge were built by the Japanese in the 1920s. The tunnel is almost 900 meters long and makes a whole circle inside the mountain. The upper part of it the tunnel exits directly above the entrance to it. This is a unique engineering structure, considering that in the 1920s there was no GPS and modern ways of accounting for the position in space.

A few kilometers from the Devil's Bridge is the Witch bridge. It was bBuilt by the Japanese in 1928 as . It a was part of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk —Polyakovo railway line. The bridge is a complex engineering structure with its length of 200 meters and a height of 50 meters. In 1994, traffic on the bridge was closed due to the closure of the stage. In 2007 because of , due to a forest fire, part of the bridge was damaged.
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