Source Chaika Spring
The thermal spring Chaika, or as it is also called the Dobry KlyuchGood Key, is located on the east coast of Kunashir Island. The spingource comes out of the bowels of the earth on the fault line running from Golovnin volcano to Tyatya volcano. A single outlet of hot water with a temperature of 67 ° C, approximately in the middle between the volcanoes of Mendeleev and Tyat. The composition includes alkaline, siliceous-sulfate-chloride waters of low mineralization., in composition with alkaline, siliceous-sulfate-chloride water of low mineralization. This is a classic onsen, a hot spring bath built by the Japanese. There is an open-air stone pool ten meters from the surf line, and by pulling the plug out of the pipe, it can be filled with warm water. On the way to the Chaika Spring Seagull, you will find a deserted shore with rocks and waterfalls, where foxes, eagles and seals inhabit swarm.
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